The purpose of these maps are to give you an idea of what trails you would expect to find within the plantations.

DEFA kindly allow us to ride anywhere in the plantations but please remember that they are available to all users. So you may come across walkers with or without dogs, horse riders, children etc…so please ride with care and extend the friendliness you would be expected to be extended towards you – share the love! Needless to say the plantations are used for our wood supply so some areas will be out of bounds while logging is going on and will be clearly signposted – please respect the signs!

With the exception of South Barrule they are not managed except to say the Manx Trail Faeries do get out and about and hold build days in areas that require a bit of work due the trails popularity. Look out for build days on their Facebook page or on this websites forum.

As trails are not maintained, in general, it’s mainly their constant use that keeps them flowing so keep an eye out for any hazards. This also means they are not signposted or graded as we want to keep it as “untouched” as possible, hence we have the information here for you. All distances approximate as its constantly changing!

Get out there and explore!