The Manx 100

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The Manx 100 – 100 miles (or km) of truly epic Manx Mountain Biking.  Around 16000 feet (or 3500m in 100km mode) of descending all in one single lap.

There is a dedicated web site where you can find lots of detailed information.

We are humbled and proud that in its 100km guise this event is the British Cycling British Marathon Championship Event. That means that if you won, you would be entitled to the national jersey.  To enter the BC event you need a valid BC race licence.

Dont worry, there are other events on offer if a BC race licence is not your “bag”.  We are also offering the 100km “open” event as well as the Manx 50 (separate event post) and of course, the daddy of them all, the 100 mile option.

Enter over on the Manx Timing Solutions website here 🙂